Are you planning to switch from Yahoo Mail over to Gmail? Or perhaps you're switching from Yahoo to Gmail. In either case, this guide is for you. The idea with this guide is to create 'the ultimate switching guide,' which will help you transfer as much of your data as possible. To make it even easier, we've even create videos on how to do these tasks for you. It will take you less than 15 minutes and cost you less than $15.
If you follow this guide, you will end up with the following:

  • Your contacts transferred

  • Your calendar transferred

  • Your email archive transferred, complete with folders


Let's start with contacts. Transferring your contacts from Yahoo to Gmail is a pretty trivial task. All you need to do is to export the contacts and then import them in your Gmail-account. This is how:


Moving your calendar from Yahoo Calendar is almost as easy as moving your contacts. It's the same workflow: export from Yahoo Calendar and import into Google Calendar. This is how:

Email archive

Last, but definitely not least, we need to transfer the email archive. For this we will use YippieMove. There are some alternative solutions for getting your emails across such as TrueSwitch (see the comparison here), but it won't transfer folders or read/unread status.
Below is a video on how to use YippieMove. The only difference here is that we will use select "Yahoo" in Step 1 and "Gmail" in Step 2.

Jump to YippieMove.
Pretty easy, huh? If you have any questions about the contact or calendar migration, please post them below. If you have any questions about YippieMove, please contact the support.