One of the major new features in OS X Lion was the introduction of something called full-screen mode, which enables you to run an application in full screen similar to how applications run on iOS. Some of you may wonder if this full-screen mode replaces Quiet. The answer is no and in this article we'll show you all the great things Quiet will do for you.

Not all applications support full-screen mode
If you've started using Lion already, you've probably noticed that some applications (mostly Apple's own) do support full-screen mode. However, among 3rd party applications full-screen mode is pretty rare. Contrary to full-screen mode, Quiet does not require any software rewrite. It simply works with all applications out-of-the-box.

Lack of full-screen
Even Apple's own Text Edit lacks support for full-screen mode.

Full-screen mode doesn't support multiple screens
Assuming that the application you want to work with does support full-screen mode, you can only use your primary screen. Your second screen will just display a wallpaper, and cannot be used for anything. In Quiet however, you can utilize all your screens efficiently.

Full screen mode in OS X Lion with two screens.

Quiet with two screens.

Full-screen mode doesn't quiet noise
While full-screen mode does eliminate some noise (such as the Dock and menu bar), it isn't as intelligent as Quiet. When you enter isolation mode in Quiet, we will also put you in away mode in your Instant Messaging client (Adium, iChat and Skype), temporarily disable Growl along with the email notification sound in Mail.App. These are all options that you can configure to match your preferences.
You can even run Quiet together with a Mac OS X Lion full-screen app to complement it with the instant messaging control of Quiet.
Full screen mode won't allow you to work with multiple windows/applications
By definition, full-screen mode only allows you to work with one window, but what if you need to work with two applications side-by-side? Then full-screen mode isn't very useful. Quiet on the other hand allows you to isolate an entire space, allowing you to work with as many applications as you desire.

Safari in full-screen mode.

Safari and TextMate in Quiet's Isolation mode.

The new full-screen mode in Mac OS X Lion is an exciting new technology which works great for its very focused use cases. When Lion's full-screen mode is available, Quiet complements it, and when it is not, Quiet adds it in and extends it into something much more powerful.
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