We're really excited to introduce Blotter 2.0. We've completely revised the presentation layer featuring customizable layouts, flexible sizing and improved formatting and animation. Needless to say, this is a massive and free update to Blotter and it is available right now in the Mac App Store. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we have.

Blotter 2.0 in action

Blotter 2.0

Blotter 2.0 Layout Preferences

Here is the complete list of changes for Blotter 2.0:

  • Blotter can be resized to any size using the Positioning preferences pane.

  • New preferences to hide 'To Do', 'Right Now' or otherwise customize the layout of Blotter.

  • Any calendar color including purple, pink and custom colors can now be displayed.

  • 'Tasks' are now called 'Reminders' to match Mac OS X Lion and iCloud.

  • Reminders now indicate the color of the calendar they belong to.

  • The New Event and New Reminder windows remember the last used calendar.

  • Resolved an issue where Blotter could appear underneath other Finder level applications in Mac OS X Lion.

  • Fully compatible with iCloud.

  • Minor bug fixes.

If you haven't purchased Blotter already or if you want to learn more about Blotter, please visit the product-page.
Update 1: It seems like a bug that only affects Snow Leopard (10.6.x) sneaked into the release. If you're using this, please hold off with your upgrade until we get a fix out. Please note that this does not affect Lion (10.7.x) users.
Update 2: We've found the issue that is causing issues with Snow Leopard and submitted an update to Apple. Unfortunately we cannot speed up their approval process.
Update 3: We've finally got Blotter 2.0.1 approved. It should address the Snow Leopard issue. We really apologize for this bug, but please understand that we submitted an update the very next day, it just took this long for Apple to approve it.
Update 4: Blotter 2.0.2 is finally out. It restores order in the (subscribed calendar) universe.