We've already talked about migrating to and from both Dovecot and Google Apps for Business without having to reset the users' passwords. In this post we'll talk about doing the same for Microsoft Exchange.
Similar to Dovecot, Microsoft Exchange also supports IMAP login using a modified username-string. In Exchange, this string looks like this:


Hence, if the domain is 'example.com', the admin-account is 'jdoe' and the user's mailbox we want to access is 'jsmith', the username-string would look as follows:


Along with that username, the password for the admin-account should be used. To verify that this works, you can either use a desktop-client, like Thunderbird or an IMAP connection via OpenSSL, like we did in the Dovecot-guide.
Once you have verified that this works, you should be able to use the above technique to migrate your users' mailboxes without resetting their passwords in YippieMove. It should work both with the single-migration and for batch-migrations. All you need to do is to replace the username-string to match the above syntax (and use the admin-password).
Please note that this may or may not work in a hosted environment. It really comes down to how the Exchange server is configured. If you're running your own Exchange server, you may need to make changes to the configuration.
As far as permission goes, the admin-account used must be configured as a 'mail administrator account'.
Ready? Get started with your YippieMove-migration.
Got any questions? Contact our support. Please note that we are no experts on Exchange, but happy to see if we can help you.