In the years since we first launched YippieMove, we’ve been contacted by numerous customers asking us to accept PayPal. While we have accepted PayPal from a few clients who were based in countries where Google Checkout wasn’t supported, this is rare (and we’ve transferred the funds away from PayPal quickly). Generally clients who are asking to use PayPal do not fall in this category.
There is however a very good reason why we do not accept PayPal payment: it's simply not a good experience. It's not good for our customers, and it's not good for us. PayPal has a well established record of mistreating its customers with little or no recourse. Once PayPal has arbitrarily frozen the money of a customer, whether it's a merchant or private user, they provide virtually no recourse. There is no-one you can call, they are not regulated like a bank, and there is no ombudsman. Your money is simply beyond your reach, at the mercy of a few moody customer service reps.
That's just not an experience we want to provide to our users. Nor, frankly, one we can accept for our own business.

If this only happened once, one could argue that it was an honest mistake from PayPal’s end. However, that’s hardly the case. Since you are the smart individuals that we think you are, don't just take our word for it. Here's some further reading:

Those are just a few examples. There are plenty of more examples to find and we haven't even mentioned the whole situation with PayPal's blockage of WikiLeaks.
We think that our customers deserve the best. We will continue to look for new payment options and we follow the development of modern payment services like Dwolla, Stripe and Bitcoin with great interest. Unfortunately PayPal is just not an option for a customer friendly company.
Update: As of 1/10/13, YippieMove now uses Stripe as the payment provider.