YippieManFor many people, switching email provider without losing their email history is not hard: it's impossible. With YippieMove it becomes fast and easy.
This is why we are extremely excited here at WireLoad to unveil something we've been working on for almost a year -- the brand new YippieMove. The new version is a complete redesign, from the logo to the user interface and back-end. With the new YippieMove, it has never been easier to move email data across email accounts and services, and not to mention in such style. YippieMove is using our reliable email migration back-end which can swiftly push data across email providers.
If you're looking for a scalable turn-key solution for migrating data, YippieMove is the answer. Our current clients range from small individual users, to top Google Apps-resellers, to university clients who are migrating their entire student body between providers. Nobody is too big or too small for YippieMove.

So what's new in the new release? Here's a list of some of the awesome new features.

  • An extensive visual overhaul of the user interface.

  • A new credit-system that gives you more flexibilities and better discounts.

  • A completely rewritten user interface based on our soon-to-be-launched API.

  • A new status page that gives you better insight into your email transfer and mailboxes.

  • A re-designed batch-interface with better CSV-support.

But don't take our word for how great the new YippieMove is. Here's what Crisantos Hajibrahim of ViWo, one of the leading Google Apps resellers and nominated to Google's Partner of the year, had to say about YippieMove:
There are many products in the market place that can do email migration, but what really sets YippieMove apart is the reliability, dedication to relationship building and support. YippieMove simply makes our lives easier. We can focus on our customers, and not worry about email migrations. This is why ViWo continually works with YippieMove.


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