Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances. Since a vast majority of the younger population are on Facebook these days, it has become almost the standardized way of sharing and planning events (anyone remember Evite?). It's also a very useful tool for staying on top of your friends' birthdays.
With more and more valuable calendar events being tracked in Facebook, we've been looking at ways to bring this data into Blotter. We were looking to add native support for Facebook-events into the next version of Blotter, but then we found a much smarter solution.
As it turns out, you can subscribe to your Facebook events directly in iCal. Since iCal is the backbone of Blotter, that solves the problem.
There are two different calendars you can subscribe to: Your friends' birthdays and Upcoming events.

Here's how you get your Facebook calendars into iCal

  • Go to the your Events-page on Facebook.

  • Select "Settings" -> "Export" on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Settings - Export

  • This will bring up a dialogue. Now click at the link for the calendar you want to subscribe to. Upon doing so iCal will open up and ask you to add the calendar. Repeat this step if you want both available calendars.

  • Export calendar

That should be all you need to bring your Facebook-events into iCal and Blotter.
If you still haven't purchased your copy of Blotter, here's a direct link to Blotter on the Mac App Store.
A tip of the hat to Mark Gulati for the recommendation.