In light of the recent hack that turned Wired's Mat Honan's life upside down, many people have started to re-think their password strategy. While this hack only affected one individual (in contrast to many other bigger hacks, like the Playstation Network-hack), it touched us all on a very personal level. If a tech-savvy journalist at Wired can be hacked this easily, could you be targeted as easily?
At WireLoad we take security very seriously. This is especially true for YippieMove. Due to the nature of YippieMove, it is necessary for us to temporarily store some sensitive data, such as passwords and emails waiting to be uploaded. However, it is in our interest to minimize the period that we store this data and we have automated processes that deletes this sensitive data in accordance with our strict privacy policy.
Since we need to store the passwords during the migration, we are excited that Google now offers something they call Application-specific passwords. This works just like a regular password, but you can create multiple passwords and easily manage the access. This is great both for us and for our users. The password you provide us is less 'valuable' for an attacker and you can revoke the access to the password at any time.
Hence, our advice would be that your use 'Application-specific passwords' for you next YippieMove migration.