Right now we are working on a lot of exciting things in YippieMove. Over the next few months, you'll start seeing these things being rolled out to production. Today we are announcing support for two highly requested features: Time zone and a filter on the status-page.

Time zone support
Earlier, all time information on YippieMove was displayed in Pacific-time. However, since our users are scattered across the globe, that wasn't ideal. To cope with that, we've now introduced full support for time zones. The time zone should automatically update next time you log into YippieMove based on your location. However, if you want to manually set the time zone, you can do this in your account preferences (click on your username in the upper left-hand corner).

Time zone setting

Filter the status-page
Another highly requested feature among our power-users is the ability to filter jobs on the status-page by their status. This feature will automatically kick in if you have more than 50 jobs. Once active, you can easily filter jobs by their state (all, new, running, completed).