We're happy to announce a big change to payments in YippieMove today. Ever since we launched YippieMove back in 2008, we've relied on Google Checkout (which now is called Google Wallet) for payments. Back then we decided that it was the best payment processor around. A lot of things have changed since then, and with the growth of YippieMove, our needs have changed and new payment processors have entered the market place.
As you're reading this, the new payment system is live.
So what does this mean for you as a customer?

  • You don't need to leave YippieMove to make a payment.

  • Payments are blazing fast and your credit balance in YippieMove will be updated instantly.

  • You don't need a Google-account anymore (which Google Checkout/Wallet did require).

  • We do not store any credit card information.

For the more technical users, you might be happy to learn that the new payment processor we've chose is Stripe, a company that has seen a tremendous growth in the last year due to their innovative technology.