We're very excited to announce the availability of Blotter 2.2.

Here's a quick overview of what's new:

  • Blotter now supports Retina displays
  • Better support for Google Calendar
  • Improved support native calendars
  • Better performance with lower CPU and memory usage
  • Added support for Apple's Sandboxing

Adding support for Retina displays has been a very popular feature request, and we can understand why. With this new feature, Blotter looks more stunning than ever before. Your desktop has never looked this beautiful before.

For non-Retina users Blotter 2.2 might not look very different from 2.1. However, we've made a significant amount of changes under the hood.

First, we've significantly improved the way that Blotter interacts with the calendar engine in Mac OS X. This means both better support for Google Calendar (including delegate calendars) as well as certain edge cases a few users encountered with native calendar events.

Second, Blotter 2.2 adds support for Apple's Sandboxing as well as a number of other new requirements in Mac App Store. This means that Blotter is more secure and also compatible with Apple's latest security features where available.

As usual, this is a free update and it is available in the Mac App Store today.