I just wanted to take moment to let you know about some of the latest exciting updates that we have made to YippieMove.

Faster transfers

Perhaps one of the most exciting new things is that we have managed to significantly improve the transfer speed to and from Gmail and Google Apps. Since this is one of the most popular providers, the improvement will benefit a large number of users. By placing servers directly in Google's datacenter, we have been able to improve the performance for these transfers by a massive amount. For customers moving to and from Google, this will mean significantly reduced transfer times.

More secure

At YippieMove, we've always taken security very seriously. Since day one, we have encrypted all sensitive data using SSL (the same technology used by banks and governments). This year however, we have taken it all the way. Instead of just using SSL for the sensitive data, we now encrypt all traffic with SSL. This means that everything that you see when visiting YippieMove is fully encrypted and secure.

Lots of upgrades under the hood

In recent months, we have made significant amount changes under the hood, and rewritten a large part of the YippieMove "engine." While perhaps not visible from the user interface, it has been a huge investment, and our developers have done an amazing job on this. We could go on and on with buzzwords for technologies used, but what really matters is that YippieMove is super reliable, easy to use and a technology partner you can put your trust in (regardless if it is for your personal use, for your company, or your company's clients).

More providers

Back in 2008 when we first launched YippieMove, we bet on a technology called IMAP. At the time, Gmail was one of the few (free) personal email providers that supported it. Fast forward to today, where almost all email providers support it and even many Internet Service Providers (ISP) who have traditionally only offered POP3 (a "competing" technology that is generally seen as cheaper to offer) have started to adopt IMAP. While we largely have smartphones to thank for the explosion of IMAP adoption, this mean YippieMove is now supporting almost all major email providers out there*. As of this writing, our database of pre-configured email providers is almost 200 names long, and includes all major email providers, including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, as well as more or less any other email provider that supports IMAP.

Bitcoin support

Last, but not least, we're really excited to announce that YippieMove now supports payments via Bitcoin. We at WireLoad (the company behind YippieMove) have followed Bitcoin with excitement for the last few years. It is a technology that we find very fascinating, and we're really happy to now support Bitcoin directly in YippieMove.

One more thing…

You probably already know that you can get volume discount when purchasing YippieMove credits. Right now, we're giving you an additional 15% discount on all YippieMove purchases this week.

This offer ends this Sunday evening is automatically applied at checkout**.

It has been an exciting eight years with YippieMove, and we hope to have many more exciting years to come.

Enjoy the new features!

Viktor Petersson

* The reason for why smartphones have driven IMAP adoption is because users all of the sudden wanted to be able to interact with their inbox on multiple devices. This is something that POP3 can't do. For more information, please see our blog post Email 101 - An introduction to email under the hood.

** The offer ends at 18:00 Central European Time.