Open Source

We embrace Open Source and use it in every part of our company. Using Open Source comes with certain responsibilities: to contribute back. This is what makes open source great and we want to be a part of that.


WKTextView is a Cappuccino control providing rich text editing through use of a browser driven content-editable div.

You can view a demo here. For more information, see the WKTextView GitHub page.


SwtCallback was one of the first open source contributions WireLoad made. Version 0.1 was first released back in 2007, and then version 0.2 was released shortly thereafter.

SwtCallBack a Java library for SWT that enables callbacks for event handling. SwtCallback is inspired by the Swing enhancer Buoy by Peter Eastman.

You can download SwtCallBack over at Github.


Products or projects we’ve made contributions to.


Cappuccino is an awesome Web Application Framework written in JavaScript and Objective-J. Alexander, one of the founders of WireLoad, is an active contributor to the project. Alexander also presented at CappCon 2011..


This Django application provides single sign-on compatibility to Zendesk (which they call Remote Authentication) with Django’s django.contrib.auth app. The application was created by Jon Gales. We have contributed with code to improve the functionality of this application.

You can download Django-Zendesk from Bitbucket.